A 2016 case study: still up-to-date

At the end of 2016 we made a case study for the car brand Subaru. A unique car brand with a unique position on the Dutch market.

Subaru has been producing cars for more than 70 years and has been active long in the Benelux. Subaru is known for the use of four-wheel drive and boxer engines on almost every model. Subaru is a relatively small brand in the Netherlands but well known for these unique characteristics. Especially buyers who travel regularly with caravan or trailer are fan.

The sales of new Subaru shows, in terms of numbers and market share, a declining trend in the Netherlands. Between 1988 and 1993 Subaru achieved a market share of around 1%. Since 2010, it is hovering around 0.18%.

Subaru deserves a strong position in the Dutch market. In order to fulfill the European ambition of mister Kudo, we are convinced a transition of your dealer network is needed.

This transition aims for:

1.Reducing the weaknesses

2.Strengthening the unique proposition

3.Improving profitability

4.Increasing market share, and

5.Tripling the number of sales


A 2016 case study: still up-to-date

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